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Cohiba Cigars is one of the most famous names in the cigar world, and for good reason too. Cohiba cigars are always handcrafted delights that are sure to appeal and appease every type of taste bud. You'll love smoking and enjoying any of the wonderfully consistant cigars Cohiba loving hand makes. Cohiba itself is a fascinating cigar company and story. Cohiba is the brand name for two distinct kinds of cigars, Cohiba is a state-owned tobacco company in Cuba that produced for Habanos S.A. as well as a company that produces for the General Cigar Company in the United States with a plant in the Dominican Republic. That multiple-use brand name has created a history of legal battles that just add to the legendary Cohiba story. The General Cigar Company's registered the Cohiba brand hame in the the U.S. in 1978. That registration didn't sit well with the Cuban government who alleged trademark infringement. After all, the government owned the Cohiba name in Cuba. The courts, however, ruled in favor of the General Cigar Company. You will notice today, Cohiba boxes sold in the United States carry a disclaimer that they are not affiliated in any way with the Cuban brand.