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JD Howard Reserve

JD Howard is a name you might not recognize but these cigars are named after an alias that the outlaw Jesse James used while living in Crowned Heads' hometown of Nashville, Tennessee from 1875 to 1881.

Howard, or James, had some things in common Crowned Heads. James was known was to value family above all and legend has it, he carried a deep respect for the "working man". In fact, when individuals were targets of James' now infamous heists, it's said that James would ask to inspect a man's hands to see what condition they were in. If they were calloused or dirty, James would deem him a working man and James would not steal from him.

The blend is a throwback of sorts. There's no denying life was wild but even in the rebel or outlaw world, there were still values and the laws of tradition reigned supreme. The cigar blend itself carries a bit of both worlds: it's simple with some complexity and while bold, it's not an overpowering smoke. Check out all five vitolas of the JD Howard Reserve cigar line-up below: