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La Gloria Cubana

Famed cigar-master Ernesto Perez-Carrillo arrived in Little Havana from his native Cuba and set out to create his version of what a great smoke should be, one that would capture the spirit of Cuba and conquer the palates of even the most critical of connoisseurs. And in 1968 he did just that, unveiling his La Gloria Cubana. The La Gloria Cubana cigars that E. P.Carrillo’s El Credito Cigar factory in Little Havana cranked out developed a following,yet it wasn’t until a blend change in 1980 that the modern La Gloria Cubana cigars were set loose on the World. Gradually La Gloria Cubana went from local institution to international superstar, exploding on the scene of the 1990's cigar boom with an astonishing 98 rating. And so, La Gloria Cubana has continued that success, still being one of the most sought after smokes in all the land.

Eventually E. P. Carrillo would sell off his beloved brand, yet to this day his fingerprints are all over the current line-up of cigars which include the original La Gloria Cubana, the voluptuous Serie Rand the plush Serie N, amongst others. Renown for lavishly rich, full-flavored cigars, La Gloria Cubana maintains a level of adoration amongst connoisseurs unrivaled in the World today.  

All though the original Little Havana factory has closed its doors, some Gloria Cubana cigars are made in small quantities in Miami,with most being produced at the El Credito factory now located in the DominicanRepublic with some also made in Nicaragua. No matter the place of production,it is undeniable that it will always be E.P. Carrillo’s La Gloria Cubana, treasures that will continue to enthrall cigar lovers for years to come.