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Macanudo Vintage 2000

Macanudo Vintage 2000 cigar on an ashtray

Macanudo Vintage is the standard-bearer for the finest blends in the Macanudo portfolio. These cigars are made from the some of the best tobacco leaves that came from an amazing and rare tobacco harvest in 2000.

Cured and aged in Terico, the cigars are lovinging and passionately rolled in a beautiful Connecticut Shade wrapper and is filled with one of the most savory blends of Dominican Piloto Cubano and Mexican long-leaf tobaccos. You'll be instantly astounded with the beautiful complexity and depth of this cigar from the very first pull and your appetite for an amazing cigar will certainly stay sated throughout the wonderful experience of enjoying this fine cigar.

The Vintage Experience

The Vintage 2000 is known for its light brown wrapper that you'll quickly notice is somewhat rugged and has the appearance its been through the worst of the storm. Packed tight, the aroma before lighting the cigar is somewhat floral. Once you star the burn, watch your burn line as this cigar is known for one of the crispest burn lines in the biz! Flavors range from very vegetal to a short bit of creaminess at the end of the smoke. These flavors are pretty unique to the Vintage line and not something you'll find from many other manufacturers. There have only been six vintage lines released by Macanudo since 1979 so be sure to buy your case now while these Vintage 2000's are still here!

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