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Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust logoWhen tobacco blending legend and Drew Estate’s former top man Steve Saka set off on his own to create a new company, Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust, his first order of business was to create what would become an instant classic: Sobremesa. Delivering intensely complex smokes that are rich in flavor and sumptuously smooth in character, Sobremesa isn’t just another cigar, but whole new way of enjoying life!

Sobremesa cigars are handcrafted by only the most experienced cigar makers at Joya de Nicaragua’s factory in Esteli, Nicaragua,using some of the most unique tobaccos available. Only the finest tobaccos are selected from farms throughout Nicaragua, Ecuador, Mexico and Pennsylvania to craft the Sobremesa cigars, making each cigar an experience to truly savor.

The idea for these treats was born out of that great Latin American pastime of relaxing at the table after a fine meal with a tasty beverage, a good smoke and lively conversation. Sobremesa is, in fact, a Spanish word that describes this exercise in leisurely bliss. It is this idea of sensory pleasure and camaraderie that has propelled Sobremesa cigars into the hearts of cigar lovers everywhere. And with the mission of “Puros Sin Compromiso” or “Handcrafted cigars without compromise,” Saka and his team have truly created one for the ages.