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Lotus 3-Eleven Laser Torch Lighter


Every once in a while we get something that comes in that surprises us. The Lotus 3-Eleven Laser Torch lighter is one of those surprises. Heavy in the hand, this lighter has the feel of the sort of lighter that typically retails at twice what this one sells for. With a carbon fiber body, the cigar looks sleek and is small enough to comfortably fit into the pocket of your favorite pair of jeans. Unless their skinny jeans. But they aren't, right?

This cigar lighter has a dual-action ignition and a unique side-squeeze trigger along with a couple fold out punches - one in 8mm and another in 10mm. It's like carrying a cigar bar in your pocket. Ok, that was over-selling. Light 'em up today with this Lotus torch and you'll be glad you did.


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